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Driving Safely Around Semi-Trucks

Driving around semi trucks is a daily reality for all drivers. Semis are different than regular vehicles and we have to acknowledge this while sharing the road with them. Driving next to semis can present many dangers on the road, mostly due to the size of the vehicle. Because these vehicles are so large they… Read More

One injured in semi truck accident

Laverne R. Schultz, 85, of Herscher, was seriously injured after a crash involving a semi on Illinois Route 115 on Sunday. Schultz was driving east on Route 115 in his 2014 Dodge Ram around 10 AM at the time of the crash. Meanwhile, Gerbretsadik T. Hagdu, 37, of Sioux City, Iowa, was driving north on Lehigh… Read More

1 dead after truck crash in Iroquois County

Mason Knorr, 24, a graduate of Central High School and resident of rural Clifton, was killed in a truck accident on Wednesday night. Knorr was traveling westbound on Clifton Slab in a pickup truck at the time of the crash. A semitractor-trailer was traveling north on Lehigh Road, and the two trucks collided in the… Read More

One killed, one injured in collision with tractor-trailer on I-57

One person was killed and another was airlifted to a local hospital following a collision on I-57 on Thursday morning. Authorities report that a Chevrolet Impala overturned in the northbound lanes of the highway after colliding semi tractor-trailer. Both the driver and the passenger of the Impala were ejected when the vehicle flipped over. The… Read More

Two adults and three children killed in deadly crash on I-30

Two adults and three children were killed in a deadly collision on I-30 in Texas. Four of the victims were from Champaign County. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the collision which involved a Toyota Sienna carrying a family of five, a semi-truck, and three other vehicles. The driver of the Toyota, a 42-year-old… Read More

Tractor trailer part crashes through pregnant Coal City woman’s windshield on I-80, causes fatal wreck

A 38-year old Coal City woman was killed when a loose wheel hub crashed through her front windshield on I-80 at 2:18 p.m. on March 8th. The mother of three daughters was expecting her fourth, a boy, in April. The accident occurred on the southeast side of Joliet near Rowell Avenue. The victim was pronounced… Read More

Semi-truck crash in Manteno leaves 3 in critical condition

A two-vehicle collision involving a semi-truck and an SUV has left three people with critical injuries. The collision occurred on Sunday afternoon at a two-way stop on 9000N Road west of Manteno. According to Manteno Fire Chief Scott O’Brien, all three people involved had to be rescued from their vehicles, including a man and a… Read More

Multi-vehicle 18-wheeler crash kills 5

A tragic truck accident late Thursday night involving at least two semi-trucks and two passenger vehicles resulted in the deaths of three adults and two children. According to authorities, a 34-year-old truck driver was hauling cooking oil on Interstate 65 near Lafayette when his semi-truck slammed into the back of a Toyota Yaris, sending the Yaris off… Read More

Chicago teen killed in truck accident

A student was fatally struck crossing the street behind a high school in New Lenox. The accident occurred on Friday, Feb. 13th, around 10 a.m. when the 17-year-old was attempting to cross U.S. Route 30 near Lincoln-Way Central High School. It is believed the teen was in school that morning and left the premises for… Read More

Two Cyclists Struck by Semi in Iroquois County

As the sun set on Sunday, September 7 in Iroquois County, a semi-truck hit two cyclists on County Road 500N. The accident sent the cyclists to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The truck driver, Rodney B. Schroeder, 54, told the police that the cyclists were not visible to him due to the setting sun… Read More