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Scott’s Law Violation Collisions

Two Scott’s Law violation crashes occurred on the same day. Illinois State Police (ISP) reported that between two crashes happening on the same day, a state trooper was injured and two construction workers were killed due to Scott’s Law violations. The collisions occurred in Effingham on U.S. Route 45 to southbound Interstate 57 and between… Read More

Kankakee Motorcycle Collision

Reports have stated that there was a deadly motorcycle collision in Kankakee at the intersection of River Road and U.S. Route 45/52. Kankakee police and fire personnel were dispatched to the scene of the crash and preliminary reports found that a vehicle was traveling north on Route 45/52 and collided with a motorcycle that was… Read More

Collision Sends Three to the Hospital

A two-car crash resulted in three people being injured. The collision occurred on Interstate 57 at mile marker 308. Illinois State Police District 21 at Ashkum reported that the collision occurred in the northbound lanes, just before 7:30pm. The ISP investigation found that a Nissan Altima was stopped in the left lane due to a… Read More

How to Request an Accident Report

Being injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault can have a devastating effect on your life. In addition to the immediate ongoing pain and suffering, you may have to deal with expensive medical bills, forced time off work, and numerous other financial consequences that can make every day feel more stressful than the… Read More

Collision with Kankakee School Bus sends Four to Hospital

It has been reported that a Kankakee school bus was involved in a collision. According to reports, a Toyota Prius collided with the bus at the intersection of South Fourth Avenue and West Hawkins Street. The collision led to three of the eight total school bus passengers being transported to Ascension St. Mary Hospital for… Read More

Fatal Crash on Illinois Route 102

On Friday 17, 2022, a three-vehicle, fatal, crash occurred Friday evening just before 10:00 pm.  The site of the collision was on Illinois Route 102 at North 3000W Road. Illinois State Police District 21 at Ashkum is investigating the incident. Of the three drivers, two were transported to the hospital where one was, unfortunately, pronounced… Read More

How to Read a Car Accident Report

If you were injured in a vehicle accident in Illinois that wasn’t your fault, it is necessary for you to know how to read and understand your Illinois Crash Report. Knowing how to read your Crash Report will tell you how the responding officer perceived your accident, including who was at fault. If you disagree… Read More

Fatal Crash Takes Life of Gibson City Teen

On Wednesday, May 18th a Junior at Gibson City Melvin-Sibley high school was unfortunately pronounced dead on the scene after their car was hit by a truck driver who failed to stop at a stop sign just after 6pm. The semi-truck driver was cited for failure to obey a stop sign. Semi-trucks can carry a… Read More

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is distracted driving awareness month. Distracted driving can be defined as the practice of operating a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity. Recently, these other activities are typically talking or texting on a cell phone. Driving while distracted is extremely dangerous. Not only is your life at risk when driving while distracted, but… Read More

Kankakee Motorist Under the Influence Crash Results in Death of Two

On March 9th, 2022, a two-car crash resulted in two fatalities and two additional serious injuries. A driver of a vehicle traveling eastbound on Route 17 near Kankakee, Illinois failed to reduce speed and stop at a red light, causing the vehicle to crash into a westbound truck attempting to turn left on a green… Read More