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Four-vehicle wreck injures sixteen people near Manteno

A four-vehicle wreck on Friday around 6:00 p.m. north of the Manteno exit on Interstate 57 injured sixteen people. Authorities say that none of the injuries are life-threatening and three individuals were treated and released on the scene, while the remaining injured individuals were transported to Riverside Medical Center and Presence St. Mary’s.

The northbound lanes of I-57 were shut down for about an hour while authorities cleared the scene and investigated the accident. The crash is still under investigation. To learn more about this story, visit the Daily Journal for updates.

Kankakee group home resident found dead in facility van

In a tragic developing news story, authorities in Kankakee are investigating the death of an elderly group home resident who was found in a facility van at 5:15 on Monday. Kankakee County sheriffs are investigating the cause of death, but initial reports indicate the individual may have passed away from heat exhaustion.

While details of the case are still being reported, early news indicates that the resident was a 69 year old who was in the care of Good Shepherd Manor at the time of the incident. The individual was a part of a group that went on a shopping trip on Monday.

Our thoughts are with the family of the victim. To learn more about this developing story, you can follow it here or read more at The Daily Journal here.

As farming remains a deadly career, experts urge the use of ROPS and a seatbelt

The risks of farming have decreased significantly over the past 50 years, dropping from 60 to 18 deaths per 100,000. Even so, farming lags behind similarly dangerous jobs, where recent technology has allowed their mortality rates to reach even lower. In 2015, 11 Illinois residents died while working the land, and as temperatures rise, more people are expected to be farming.

However, such unnecessary deaths can be prevented with basic tractor safety, such as the installation of a rollover protection system (ROPS). The system gained popularity between the 70’s and 80’s, and experts say the system, when paired with a seat belt, has a nearly 100% rate of effectiveness. On the other end of the spectrum, the likelihood of living through an accident without the protection of ROPS plummets to 20%.

The largest number of rollover accidents occur for farmers over the age of 55, who are often using outdated equipment. Farm safety instructors try to combat this trend by informing children about new techniques at their schools. Amy Rademaker, a farm safety specialist working for the Carle Center for Rural Health and Farm Safety said, “We often think that kids and younger folks are a way to their parents.”

In teaching a fourth-grade class of more than 200 students, Rademaker found a large discrepancy in children who wear seat belts in a car and those who wear seat belts in a tractor. It’s a common belief that a tractor accident would be less dangerous, due to their slow speeds, but sometimes a rollover can happen before anyone is able to react. Rademaker would like to see wearing a seat belt in a tractor become as critical as wearing one in a car.

David Newcomb, a farm worker himself and the manager of the Illinois Fire Institute’s Ag Rescue Program, teaches firefighters how to respond to farming injuries. He says there are several reasons a farmer may get into a deadly accident, even with ROPS installed. One of those reasons is that the system can be folded to fit into small spaces and just never get unfolded. He urges farmers to take care of themselves this season.

48 students and teachers sent to hospital for possible carbon monoxide poisoning

Fears of possible carbon monoxide exposure sent 48 students and teachers from Noel LeVasseur Elementary School in Bourbonnais to local hospitals on Thursday. Authorities believe that a boiler-room ventilation issue may have been the cause. The entire school was evacuated after students and teachers complained of dizziness and nausea, two major signs of carbon monoxide exposure.

To learn more about this story, read the Daily Journal article here. Our thoughts are with all of the affected students and teachers.

Two-car accident leaves Monticello teen with serious injuries

A two vehicle accident on the DeLand-Monticello blacktop, caused serious injuries to several individuals, including life-threatening injuries to one 16-year old Monticello teen. The accident occurred at 3:40 p.m. on Piatt County Route 5, according to news reports.

Police believe that the teen was driving a 2000 Chevy Malibu heading southbound, when the vehicle navigated a curve in the road and went into a gravel area, causing the tires to spin out and the driver to overcorrect, causing a collision with a northbound 2009 Chevy Impala. Authorities believe the Malibu may have flipped several times in the accident.

The teen driver was airlifted to Carle Foundation Hospital, while the other three teenage occupants in the vehicle were driven to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the Impala was also transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families during this trying time.

Childcare facility reprimanded by state after drowning death

The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services reprimanded the Shawnee’s Little Shadows Daycare Center just south of Danville for neglect following an incident where a four year old drowned in a pool at the facility last fall. According to the allegations, the daycare failed to properly supervise the child at all times.

Parents have a reasonable expectation that their children will be properly supervised when in a daycare facility, and any failure on the part of the staff should not be tolerated. In the event of an accident, serious injury or as in this case death may occur, and that should never happen. The childcare neglect attorneys of Spiros Law are here to help you if a daycare facility fails to responsibly care for your precious child or children.

To learn more about this tragic story, read here. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim.

Marissa two-vehicle collision injures six

A two-vehicle collision that happened last Tuesday, January 17 around 8:15 a.m. at the intersection of Illinois Route 4 and Heintz Road in Marissa resulted in six people getting injured.

According to Marissa Fire Chief Jim Perrine, a gray Ford Escape and a white GMC Acadia, which were both traveling along the highway, collided. An eight-year-old boy was ejected from the GMC SUV because of the impact of the crash. The boy was airlifted via helicopter to a hospital in East St. Louis.

Perrine said all six individuals were conscious when an emergency medical team came to provide medical assistance. St. Clair County deputies, Marissa police, and the Illinois State Police are conducting separate investigations into the matter.

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Three-vehicle collision in Jasper County hurts one

A three-vehicle collision that occurred on Illinois 30 at County Road 600N resulted in one person getting injured. The accident occurred on Monday, December 26 at approximately 10:50 a.m.

The accident involved three vehicles: a 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck, 2013 Chevrolet Impala, and 2012 Ford Focus. According to preliminary investigations made by the Illinois State Police, the Ford Focus, which was operated by 67-year-old Lowell resident Philip S. Pankey, was stopped along Illinois 30 on his way to turn left onto County Road 600N. A Chevrolet Impala, driven by a 16-year-old Newton resident, was behind the Ford Focus.

The Dodge Ram, driven by a 16-year-old from Sumner, ran into the Chevrolet Impala, causing it to go into the ditch on the west side of the roadway. The teenage driver of the Chevrolet Impala was taken to Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago to receive treatment for his non-life-threatening injuries.

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Randolph County three-vehicle collision hurts two

Two individuals got hurt on Thursday, December 15 at around 9:20 a.m. after a three-vehicle collision on Illinois Route 3, north of Canter Road, in Randolph County, Illinois.

According to preliminary investigations made by the Illinois State Police, 30-year-old Prairie du Rocher resident Michael Steibel was headed north on Illinois Route 3, north of Canter Road, and made to turn into a driveway when 34-year-old Crystal Springs, Mississippi resident Joseph D. Walker, who was headed south on Illinois Route 3, collided with him. Walker was traveling with 56-year-old Kenneth B. Harvey, also of Mississippi.

The impact of the two vehicles’ collision caused debris to hit a stationary vehicle parked in the driveway Steibel had been turning into, along the area. Occupants of said vehicle were identified as 68-year-old Red Bud resident Doris Leifer and 21-year-old Cassandra Duncan, also of Red Bud.

Steibel and Harvey sustained injuries due to the incident.

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Court rules homeowners protected from ice lawsuits

The Illinois Second District Appellate Court ruled to stop trial on a slip-and-fall lawsuit with a ruling on the Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act of 1979.

A different Appellate Court ruled that homeowners could not be held liable for accidents relating to the weather, such as those caused by slippery sidewalks. They could, however, be liable for accidents related to negligence when handling the ice. In the new ruling, the Court extended homeowners’ immunity against lawsuits stemming from slippery sidewalks and ice buildup due to the negligent non-maintenance of a drain. This extension puts the Appellate Courts at a split, meaning future cases may be decided by the Illinois Supreme Court.


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