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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Serving Charleston

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Serving Charleston

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    After A Life-Changing TBI, Our Central Illinois Team Can Help You Plan For Your Future

    A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can impact every area of a victim’s life. These injuries can lead to permanent health concerns including memory loss and cognitive difficulties, vision or hearing impairment, loss of motor skills, and even changes in personality and mood. Extensive, expensive medical treatment and therapy will most likely be required, as brain injury patients often struggle with these issues for the rest of their lives. Even after extensive therapy, they may be unable to return to work or perform day-to-day activities. The family members of a TBI victim will also face new obligations and challenges to make sure their loved one’s needs are met. Between the emotional hardship and the disruption to daily routines, it’s easy for someone in this position to feel overwhelmed. We at Spiros Law, P.C. are here to support you during this time. Our Charleston brain injury attorneys know the types of expenses, injuries, and losses you and your family are experiencing right now. We believe you shouldn’t have to go through this time alone. If someone else’s negligence is to blame for these difficulties, help is available. We can analyze your case and file a claim for the financial compensation you need to support yourself and pay for your loved one’s care, no matter how extensive or long-lasting it may be.

    Contact our team today at (217) 516-3451 for a free, confidential review of your traumatic brain injury claim. We’ve recovered more than $35 million for accident victims and their families in Coles County.

    What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries?

    Traumatic brain injuries are likely when the brain sustains direct or indirect trauma. Direct trauma refers to incidents where the head is struck by an object. Indirect trauma may occur when an injurious force not aimed at the head causes the brain to collide with the inside of the victim’s skull. Both types of injuries are most often caused by negligence, meaning the victim has a chance for recourse. Our team takes on TBI cases in Central Illinois involving:

    These cases require a technically knowledgeable team. You also want to have a dedicated attorney on your side, one who is not afraid to face aggressive opponents and search for outcomes to unexpected challenges. Spiros Law, P.C. can do both to help you maximize your settlement.

    Complications Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Unfortunately, a TBI is one of the few types of injuries that will never heal. Though rehabilitative care may help a patient regain certain skills, lifelong disability is a common outcome of such injuries. This can affect every aspect of a patient’s life—and require loved ones to adjust, too. Brain injury victims often:

    • Are not able to return to their job
    • Must take on less demanding work or leave the job market altogether
    • Require frequent medical care
    • Need accommodations installed to make their home accessible
    • Require daily assistance, whether from a loved one or paid caregiver
    • Cannot complete daily tasks like driving, shopping, and taking care of their home
    • Need assistive devices to help mediate their disabilities

    These outcomes are challenging enough even when you don’t consider their costs. When calculated to cover the rest of a TBI patient’s lifespan, the amount needed for these essential services may seem prohibitive. Working with a skilled lawyer in Coles County to file an injury claim can provide a lifeline for you and your family after a TBI.

    Do I Need A Lawyer For A TBI Case?

    While anyone can go through the insurance claims process without legal representation, we wouldn’t recommend it—especially in a high-stakes TBI case. Insurance adjusters may act like they’re on your side, but the truth is, it’s in their employer’s best interest to pay you less. The fact that they don’t want you to get a lawyer, even though you know one could help maximize your claim, should tell you all you need to know about their priorities. With lifelong injuries like TBI, the tangible and emotional damages a victim and their loved ones may face can add up quickly. Though a settlement offer of tens of thousands of dollars may seem significant right now, unfortunately, this money is unlikely to cover your needs moving forward. Our attorneys consult with medical professionals and expert caregivers to help you understand the true worth of your claim. Once our clients know the whole story, they’re often shocked by how little the insurance adjuster tried to give them.

    We Can Deal with Insurers for You

    Aside from the question of what a fair settlement looks like, there’s also the issue of dealing with the insurance company itself. Often, our clients come to us because they’ve been given the runaround or promised certain outcomes only to find themselves ignored when they follow up. We believe trying to get help after a tragic accident should not lead to additional stress and frustration. Our Central Illinois team can take over all communications and negotiations with the insurance company so you can put your energy where it’s needed most. With Spiros Law, P.C., you’ll get frequent updates on your case so you always know where things stand. We’ll always explain your options and the likely outcomes of certain moves so you can provide meaningful input into our strategy. Why? Our team cares about you and your family. We want to know your story and goals so we can help you find a way forward. When you work with us, you’ll receive all-around support so your insurance claim becomes one less thing to worry about.

    Know What Full & Fair Compensation Looks Like

    Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Serving CharlestonGiven the significant and lasting impact a TBI may have on a victim and their family, the recovery of full and fair compensation is essential to facing a more stable future. By thoroughly investigating the circumstances that led to the injury and building a compelling case against the responsible party, our traumatic brain injury lawyers will fight to recover a settlement or award that will meet your needs. A TBI award or settlement may include compensation for:

    • Medical expenses
    • Ongoing treatment
    • Physical and occupational therapy
    • Assistive devices
    • Home modifications
    • Medication and medical supplies
    • In-home care
    • Loss of earnings
    • Loss of future earnings
    • Emotional trauma
    • Pain and suffering

    After a life-changing injury, maximizing your settlement matters. We can help you take steps toward securing your future.

    Contact Our Charleston Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys For Help

    If you are ready to find out what Spiros Law, P.C. can do for you, we are happy to offer you a free and confidential consultation. Even if you’re not sure whether working with an attorney is the right move for you, our lawyers in Coles County want to make sure you fully know and understand your rights before you make any big decisions. We are honest and straightforward, providing compassionate support for injury victims and their loved ones. Our attorneys have seen firsthand the struggles that TBI victims and their families face. We understand how difficult it can be to even think about the future after such a tragedy. But, with the right team on your side, you can find a way to move forward with confidence. Let us answer your questions today.

    If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, you need an experienced firm on your side. Reach out to Spiros Law, P.C. for your free consultation in Charleston, IL.