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U by Kotex Recall

Kimberly-Clark issued a recall for some U by Kotex tampons after a “quality related defect” has caused the tampons to unravel or come apart inside of consumers’ bodies leaving pieces behind. The defect has caused a number of consumers to seek medical attention in order to remove the pieces left inside their bodies. There also [….]

Defective medical devices get FDA approval through loophole

While all medical devices come with an inherent risk factor, in the United States the risks are heightened beyond what they should be. This is because of a loophole in the Food and Drug Administration’s process for getting approval. Despite the fact that medical devices have become more complicated and ubiquitous since the FDA started [….]

FAA bans flying with Samsung’s Note 7 smartphones

Due to numerous incidents of battery fires, the United States Federal Aviation Administration banned people from flying to, from, or within the country with their Samsung Note 7 smartphones. In a recently released statement, Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said, “We recognize that banning these phones from airlines will inconvenience some passengers, but the [….]

Car histories erased all over Illinois and Indiana

Automotive experts have recently found that pertinent information has been removed from documents regarding over 30,000 vehicles in Illinois and Indiana, Chicago investigative news outlet ABC7 I-TEAM reported. There is a danger that residents from both states may have been driving cars with erased odometers, a history of car wrecks, or other unsafe elements that [….]

Senate subcommittee to question GM’s investigation

A Senate commerce subcommittee is set to question General Motors’s CEO Mary Barra on July 17 about the process by which U.S. attorney Anton Valukas conducted an investigation into the company’s faulty ignition switch fiasco, the Associated Press reported. Senators are also set to question the conclusion that it was the fault of one person – engineer [….]

Legal experts at GM increase as company issues more recalls

Because Detroit-based automaker General Motors Co. recalled 13.6 million vehicles in the United States alone this year, the company’s legal department might be experiencing some kind of turnover, Inside Counsel article reported on May 21. According to GM general counsel Michael Millikin, a professional legal adviser has been hired to work closely with the global safety and vehicle [….]

U.S. agency to investigate immediacy of GM’s recall response

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting an investigation into whether Detroit, Michigan-based automaker General Motors issued a recall of 1.6 older-model small cars with faulty ignition switches soon enough upon discovering the defect. Thus far, the vehicles have caused 13 fatalities. According to the agency’s policies, an auto manufacturer has five days after [….]

Millions of Cans Of Tuna Recalled

A recall of over 3 million cans of tuna fish have been recalled because of concerns over packaging. The recall affects cans of both Bumble Bee tuna and Chicken of the Sea tuna distributed to stores between January 17 and March 6. While no one has reported any instances of illness connected to the product, [….]

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club Recalls Smoked Salmon in 42 States

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores in 42 states, including Illinois, are recalling smoked salmon because of listeria concerns. The fish product was prepared by a Miami subsidiary of Multiexport Foods in partnership with Tampa Bay Fisheries. While doing a standard lab test on a shipment of salmon that had not been distributed to store, listeria [….]

Toyota Agrees to Pay $1 Billion in Economic Loss Settlement

Toyota has agreed to settle hundred of lawsuits in regards to unintended acceleration problems with some of its vehicles; the settlement is valued at over $1 billion. According to one lawyer, it is the largest settlement regarding automobile defects in the United States. Many of these lawsuits began after complaints from 2009 came to the [….]