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Study suggests more accidents occur on Tax Day

A study has recently been done about the number of fatal car accidents that occur on Tax Day each year. The study showed that the number of car accidents that occur on this day each year is at least 6 percent higher than any other day in April. According to the study, researchers analyzed the… Read More

Investigation findings about Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Reported to State Fair Commission

Last week, the Indiana State Fair Commission heard a 90-minute presentation about the investigation into the stage collapse at last year’s state fair that killed seven people and injured dozens of other people who were waiting for a scheduled performance by the Sugarland band. On August 13, a temporary stage set up for the Indiana… Read More

New study: Arsenic levels higher in healthier sweetener

Many manufacturers have switched to organic brown rice syrup as a healthier alternative to sweetening their products, but new research shows that this ingredient may have higher levels of Arsenic in it. According to a study done at Dartmouth College, it is not only the syrup itself that has higher levels of arsenic, but also… Read More

Leading Lawyers Network Magazine features piece on James D. Spiros

The Leading Lawyers Network has done a story on James D. Spiros of . To learn more about this experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Illinois, who works to build relationships with his clients in order to help them seek the results they deserve, click here.

Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair kills five, injures dozens more

Five people were killed and dozens more were injured when a stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed onto concert-goers as they awaited for the band, Sugarland, to perform. State fair officials were in contact with the National Weather Service in order to determine if the fair grounds should be evacuated because a storm was… Read More

Legislature passes bill to raise taxes to pay for nursing home facilities

State authorities have announced that a bill has been passed that will raise the taxes that is currently levied in nursing homes in order to bring in an estimated $145 million next year. After this money is brought in, the government health care funding will approve for that number to be matched nearly the same… Read More

Texting while driving laws in Illinois

In the past few years, numerous studies have examined the effects of using cell phones while driving. In general, drivers who use cell phones to make calls or texts are more likely to be involved in a car accident. As a result, states like Illinois have implemented laws that restrict the use of cell phones… Read More

Illinois Supreme Court: No Caps on Malpractice Lawsuits

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that caps limiting the amount that can be awarded in medical malpractice suits are against the state’s constitution. The limits were passed by the Illinois General Assembly in 2005, but the court has ruled that the legislation infringed on the power of the state’s judicial branch. Doctors’ advocacy groups… Read More