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Spiros Law, P.C. Archives

Danville, IL Traffic Alert: Interstate 74 Closure Prompts Call for Safety and Accountability

In Danville, Illinois, Two Separate Crashes Prompt Closure of Interstate 74 Interstate 74 in Danville, Illinois, is currently closed eastbound due to two separate crashes involving a total of eight vehicles. Illinois State Police officials reported that these accidents occurred in a construction zone just east of the interchange with U.S. Route 150. The aftermath of these collisions underscores the…Read More

Celebrating Excellence: Spiros Law Attorneys Shine as 2024 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

We are overjoyed to share the incredible news that several Spiros Law attorneys have been recognized as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars for the year 2024. The honor is a testament to the exceptional legal contributions of our team, showcasing their unwavering dedication and consistent advocacy. Join us in congratulating Jim Spiros, Sandra Loeb, Miranda Soucie, Katie Hubbard, Alison Kimble,…Read More

Firework Incident Results in Hand and Finger Amputations

Fireworks are often a highlight of celebrations, entertaining us with their bright colors and explosive displays. However, a recent incident in London Mills, Illinois serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers associated with fireworks. Two individuals, a 22-year-old from rural Maquon and a 21-year-old from Galesburg, suffered hand and finger amputations after lighting off a mortar. While their…Read More