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Brain Injuries

Injuries to the brain affect both our physical well-being and, of course, our psychological well-being. Brain damage can cause loss of cognitive function, loss of control over the limbs, and many other negative effects. Brain injuries can be caused by trauma, diseases, and exposure to chemicals. Brain injuries are commonly divided into two categories that depend on the type of injury: primary and secondary.

Primary brain injuries are the immediate result of direct trauma to the head. A sudden outside force hitting the skull can subject the brain to intense forces. If something penetrates the skull, it can damage the brain directly. Although such injuries are often fatal, many people survive them—even surviving gunshot wounds to the head. Injuries of that kind can have tremendously devastating effects on the person’s life and mental functioning.

Secondary brain injuries are indirect and typically are consequences of a primary injury. While primary brain injuries can happen in a fraction of a second, secondary injuries may take hours or days to develop. Secondary brain injuries can kill neurons that were unharmed by the primary injury due to factors such as insufficient blood flow, lack of oxygen, and swelling.

It can be extremely difficult to treat secondary brain injuries. Since the primary effects of an injury are essentially over right after it happens, doctors must struggle to reduce the secondary effects and minimize the damage.

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