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Changing Your Attorney

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, one of the most important steps you’ll take is to hire a qualified injury lawyer to represent you.  Unfortunately, not all attorneys will have the right skills, experience, or resources to handle your specific case. Also, because the legal process can take some time, you’ll want to make sure that you are working with someone who you trust and who you can communicate with effectively. If any of these pieces ultimately prove to be an ill fit, it is crucial to know that you have the right to change your attorney at any time. You deserve to be confident in the lawyer and legal team that is working for you, and if you decide that you’d like to switch, you are free to do so.

Why Choosing Spiros Law, P.C. Will Benefit You

At Spiros Law, P.C., we understand how important it is to win a financial award that pays for your total losses. Some injuries require time away from work to recover, and if your employer doesn’t provide paid time off, you could miss out on sufficient income.

We have the skills and knowledge to represent victims of personal injury cases and recover the money owed to them by negligent parties. When you hire us, we’ll take care of every step on your behalf so you can focus on what matters most: healing and getting back on your feet.

Our personal injury lawyers serve clients throughout Illinois at our offices in Kankakee, Champaign, and Danville. We have a legal team you can speak to 24/7 for assistance with your case. If you want to schedule an appointment or ask any questions, we’ll be here for you.

The cases our lawyers can work on include:

  • Personal injury
  • Defective drugs and devices
  • Car accidents
  • Farming accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Bicycle accidents

No matter what your case may entail, our attorneys will remain by your side, and will be available to answer all your questions and concerns throughout the case.

When Is the Best Time to Change My Attorney?

There are many reasons people decide to hire a different lawyer. It could happen at any stage of the legal process and in a variety of situations. When you choose someone to represent you in your case, you need to trust them and know you can count on them to fulfill your needs and keep your goals in mind.

If you don’t agree with what your attorney is advising you to do, you should explore your options at another law firm. It’s essential that the person working on your case understands what you want to gain out of a personal injury claim and fights to meet your expectations. When they start putting their needs ahead of yours, that’s when you should call Spiros Law, P.C..

Another reason victims of accidents choose to change lawyers is because there’s a lack of communication. Some law firms treat their clients like a number. There’s no personalized treatment or one-on-one attention. Phone calls and emails go unanswered, and clients feel like they’re not a priority. You deserve to work with a lawyer who keeps you informed of the progress of your case.

As soon as you become dissatisfied with your legal representation, you should contact Spiros Law, P.C. to schedule a consultation. Your future is at stake, and you should feel comfortable with whoever is handling your case.

It Won’t Hurt Your Case if You Change Attorneys Correctly

Many people are afraid to switch to another law firm for fear that the progress of the case will get delayed, or it will hurt their chances of winning a settlement. As long as you go through the proper procedure, changing your lawyer won’t create unnecessary risks or affect the outcome of your claim.

You should find another lawyer before you fire your current one. If you prematurely fire your lawyer, you could end up missing a deadline that reduces your settlement or gets your case thrown out entirely. Make sure you have another lawyer lined up then submit, in writing, your wish to fire your current legal team. That will give your new lawyer a chance to pick up where the last firm left off, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Important Details to Consider When Choosing Another Lawyer

When you’re meeting with new lawyers for consultations, there are some key points to review and questions you should ask to make sure you’re on the same page. If you blindly sign a retainer agreement without explicitly discussing what you hope to get out of a claim or lawsuit, you could end up in a worse situation than if you stayed with your previous lawyer. Prepare to review the following:

  • Provide all documentation relating to your accident, injury, treatment, and costs
  • Inform the attorneys of any prior claims associated with the same or similar situations
  • Ask what they believe the value of your case is to determine if you agree
  • Research their case results to see if they’re experienced in working on your type of case and what their previous outcomes were
  • Find someone with extensive experience in the legal field
  • Don’t hire a lawyer who makes bold statements about your case or guarantees a win
  • Ask how many people are on their team and who you can contact when you have a question
  • Discuss whether they work on contingency or charge upfront legal fees

Some lawyers are overwhelmed with their caseloads and simply can’t answer every call. If your lawyer is making good progress with your case and your only issue is that you can’t get them on the phone, you might benefit from discussing your concerns with them. Telling them you require more communication might correct the problem.

If they promise to do better but don’t, that’s when it’s time to find someone else. You should never work with a lawyer you can’t depend on when you need them the most.

The Cost of Changing Attorneys

It won’t cost you anything to switch to another lawyer. When you hire someone new, you can let your previous lawyer know you found other representation, or you can have your new lawyer do that for you. They will notify the law firm, in writing, that they’re handling your case and request your case file.

Personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency-fee basis. That means they don’t expect a legal fee until there’s a settlement or verdict. They’ll take a percentage out of your monetary award, and another portion will go to your previous attorney for the work they did before you let them go.

How to Find a New Lawyer

  1. Get referrals: You might have chosen your first lawyer because of a referral, and it ended up not working out. However, it can be helpful to get a referral when you’re searching for a new lawyer. Do your research online, and ask your family, friends, and coworkers if they worked with anyone who reached a favorable outcome in their case.
  2. Schedule a consultation: You should never blindly hire another lawyer. Meet with them for an initial consultation to determine if you feel comfortable with them and agree with their methods.
  3. Bring your file to the appointment: When you’re meeting with a new attorney for the first time, you should present them with all the details of your case. Provide notes you took, photos, copies of your medical records, and other documents related to your accident.
  4. Treat everyone with respect: Yes, it’s a lawyer’s job to provide legal services to their clients; however, reputable lawyers will fire a client who is demanding, rude, or causes problems with their support staff. Also, legal professionals tend to belong to the same organizations. Some may have worked together at some point in their careers. Try not to bad mouth your first lawyer or other lawyers you met with.
  5. Don’t believe promises: If a lawyer promises you a specific outcome to your case, you should probably seek representation elsewhere. No one can see into the future, and if the lawyer you’re meeting with tells you the exact compensation they can get for you, they’re likely exaggerating to get your business. The kind of lawyer who makes grand gestures and unrealistic promises is someone you shouldn’t hire.
  6. Look for experience: Try to avoid a “jack of all trades” lawyer. You want to find someone who has experience handling cases just like yours. Personal injury cases are complex, and finding a lawyer who understands state laws and procedures can anticipate obstacles and find ways around them.

Contact Spiros Law, P.C. for a Free Consultation

If you’re unhappy with your current legal representation and want to explore other options, contact Spiros Law, P.C. immediately. We’ll schedule a free consultation to review the details of your case and advise you on our plan to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys help victims of negligence and believe in fighting for justice. Call (815) 929-9292 today to find out how Spiros Law, P.C. can help you pursue a fair settlement in your injury claim.