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Champaign Porch Collapse Lawyers

The state of Illinois has been the site of numerous devastating porch collapse accidents. Over 15 years ago, on June 29, 2003, a Chicago porch collapse accident claimed the lives of 13 people. When porch collapse accidents happen, the survivors come away from the ordeal with serious physical injuries as well as emotional effects like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you have been injured because of a poorly constructed porch, the person or people who have exposed you to undue harm can and should be held accountable.

The Champaign porch collapse attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. have fought for over ten years to ensure that accident victims receive the support that they need. We fight in both local and federal courts because we know the serious long-term effects that carelessness and negligence can have on the lives of victims. Our team stands with accident victims and their families to hold the parties responsible for their pain accountable, both legally and financially.

Our experienced attorneys have won millions of dollars for our clients. We know that our clients put a tremendous amount of trust in us and we dedicate the full extent of our legal knowledge to their benefit. If you or a loved one have survived an accident in Champaign and need committed and compassionate legal representation, call us today at (217) 328-2828 or contact us online.

Do I Need A Porch Collapse Lawyer?

If you’ve been the victim of a serious porch collapse accident, you could be facing serious injuries accompanied by exorbitant medical bills. Those who haven’t been involved in serious accidents don’t often understand the toll that an injury can have on your time, finances, and future income. While recovering compensation from those responsible will not undo the pain of an injury, financial restitution will definitely help offset medical expenses and put accident victims in a better position to move forward.

Additionally, if the negligence of a contracting company, inspection organization, or property owner has precipitated a porch collapse accident, a lawyer can help bring light to this. When important steps in securing property are overlooked or neglected, it could result in the death of others. Taking legal action is often an effective catalyst to inspire reform. By choosing to take legal action, you could be saving someone in the future from being the victim of a serious porch collapse accident.

Why Trust My Case to Spiros Law, P.C.?

The premises liability lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. have been fighting for the people of Champaign for years and we are committed to helping as many people as we possibly can. Our knowledgeable attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims legally pursue the people and companies who have harmed them. Since we opened our doors in 2005, we have earned a reputation statewide as one of the premier injury firms in Central Illinois.

Our founding partner, James Spiros, works specifically for injury victims who face well-resourced defense teams. Many times, people who truly need support are up against powerful organizations or insurance companies that will do almost anything to deny accident victims the compensation that they are entitled to. We believe that this is an injustice. Our lawyers fight to make sure that accident victims get the best outcome possible so that they can fully cope with the new circumstances of their lives after the accident.

Types of Cases We Handle

Property owners have a duty to their visitors to keep the property safe. When a property owner neglects their guests’ wellbeing, we believe that they must be held responsible. The following are factors that could contribute to a porch collapse:

  • Excessive Weight
  • Design Issues
  • Degradations
  • Poor Supports
  • Damaged Foundation

If any of these issues are present, the porch is far more likely to pose a threat to those on it and nearby.

Let a Porch Collapse Attorney Fight For You

Unfortunately, porch collapses often happen on multi-story buildings. This puts people below and around the porch at risk, as well as those who may have been standing on the porch. Injuries can stem from minor bruising and scratching to broken bones, head injuries, paralysis, and even death. If you have been injured by a porch collapse in Champaign, you are not alone. Let a skilled injury attorney at Spiros Law, P.C. fight to help you recover the compensation you deserve. To speak with an attorney the specific details of your case, call our offices today at (217) 328-2828 for a completely free initial consultation.