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Basics of Workers’ Compensation

In years past, being injured at work could quickly turn into a nightmare. Before workers’ compensation laws were enacted, injured employees ran the risk of financial devastation due to their injury. While events like these unfortunately still occur, filing for workers’ compensation can reduce your risk of suffering serious financial turmoil following a work-related injury.

Workers’ compensation usually takes the form of an insurance policy taken out by an employer. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation, but jobs that are particularly risky are more likely to provide insurance than others. For example, factory workers are at a greater risk for serious injury than office workers. Consequently, factories and similar workplaces will generally invest more money in workers’ compensation coverage.

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most injured workers can receive coverage for their medical bills and time lost at work. As they are able to focus on their recovery, they can return to work more quickly. While this arrangement is generally beneficial to both the employee and the employer, some employers attempt to discourage their employees from filing workers’ compensation claims.

Every time an injury occurs, it must be reported to insurance agencies and state officials. Since employers have the right to challenge workers’ compensation claims, it can sometimes be difficult to receive the workers’ compensation you are entitled to. For that reason, the help of a workers’ compensation attorney may be indispensable for recovering fully from your injury, both physically and financially.

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