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Andrew Purcell Live on Air Discussing Stop On Red Week

Stop On Red Week is a week sponsored by the national coalition for safer roads to recognize the dangers of driving through red lights. During this week, August 1 through August 7, we will recognize not only the dangers of driving through red lights but also the accidents that have occurred as a result of driving through a red light. Senior Associate Attorney, Andrew Purcell, recently talked about this week on WVLI The Valley, WIVR River Country, and WFAV FAVorite Hits. You can listen to the full interview below.

Andy described situations that might cause someone to drive through a red light and how you can avoid missing a red light. The main culprit of running through a red light is distracted driving. When your mind is not focused on the road, whether it is due to your phone, passengers in your car, or anything else happening in your life, it opens you up to dangers on the road. To combat distracted driving and possibly prevent distractions from causing a collision, Andy recommends holding the people around you accountable for their distracted driving habits. Anytime we see someone we love driving while distracted, letting them know how dangerous distracted driving can be is extremely important. Stop On Red Week is a great time to remind others about the importance of safe driving practices as well as to practice your own safe driving skills and improve on anything you may have been too lax about the previous year.

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