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National Teen Driver Safety Week 2019

Dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safe teen driving, the week of October 20-26, 2019 is being recognized as National Teen Driver Safety Week. This week is designed to educate the public, particularly teenagers, about how to practice safe driving methods to prevent teen injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes. This national movement has continued to draw support from teens, parents, schools, law enforcement, and policymakers, all of which have one goal in mind: reducing the amount of motor vehicle crashes involving teen drivers. National Teen Driver Safety Week is an organized platform for teens and others to create a positive change regarding safe teen driving. Rather than using statistics to scare teens into driving safer, this week is focused on promoting positive actions that teens can learn to keep themselves, as well as their friends safe when driving on roadways.

The best way to get involved with National Teen Driver Safety Week is by starting conversations about safe driving behaviors at home, school, or within the community and workplace. Safe driving behavior recommendations for teens include obeying traffic laws, always wearing a seat belt, and following the speed limit all while remembering that the rules on each roadway vary according to the state you are in. While the crash risk for teens is especially high, being educated on the proper safe driving methods and continuing to practicing them while driving can help reduce the amount of teen driving motor vehicle crashes.

Additionally, it is encouraged that parents get involved by encouraging their teens to practice safe driving behaviors and obey traffic safety laws. One way to achieve this is by parents setting house rules for teenage drivers, which can play a crucial role in teen driver safety, the greatest risk of crashing for teens is during their first 6-12 months after receiving their license. Permanent house rules for new teen drivers may include:

  • Zero-tolerance policy on cell phone use while driving (hands-free and hand-held)
  • Following traffic laws (including speed limits)
  • Always wearing a seatbelt (driver and passengers)
  • Never driving while impaired or being in a vehicle with an impaired driver (drugged, drunk, or drowsy)

Separately, parents can enact initial limits to driving privileges for inexperienced teen drivers in the household, gradually increasing them as they become more experienced, which can include:

  • No peer passengers
  • No nighttime driving
  • No high-speed roads
  • No driving in bad weather
  • Asking permission first when using the car

It is important for everyone in the family to be on the same page when setting the house rules for teen drivers, for since they are young and vulnerable, supporting them should be a top priority. Promoting safe teen driving throughout National Teen Driver Safety Week can help ensure that teens are practicing safe driving behaviors on the roadway. However, motor vehicle crashes can still occur, which can be devastating for individuals and families. If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle crash and suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to fair compensation. The attorneys are Spiros Law, P.C. understand how difficult these situations may be and are ready to assist you in your legal matters. Contact us today at (815) 929-9292 to receive a free consultation.