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Driving Safely Around Semi-Trucks

Driving around semi trucks is a daily reality for all drivers. Semis are different than regular vehicles and we have to acknowledge this while sharing the road with them. Driving next to semis can present many dangers on the road, mostly due to the size of the vehicle. Because these vehicles are so large they take longer to stop, have multiple blind spots, and can cause other cars to underride or override.

Driving next to such a large vehicle can be frightening for drivers, however, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It is important to stay patient and cautious while driving next to a semi.  Alongside this, being aware of how to drive next to them will alleviate your fears while sharing the road with semi-trucks. The following tips are vital to follow in order to stay safe while driving on the road with a semi.

  • Pass with extra care
    • When passing a semi, it is important to give the truck more space than you would give other vehicles you normally pass. One point of reference to use is making sure the front of the truck is completely visible in your rear-view mirror before returning in the lane the truck is driving in.
  • Use caution when turning
    • Always assume the truck driver cannot see you. Squeezing in behind or beside a semi can result in a collision, because truck drivers may need to first swing left when making a right turn. Wait to see where the truck is turning and be sure to give the driver plenty of space.
  • Never cut-off a semi
    • Semis take much longer to stop than regular vehicles. Never suddenly cut in front of a semi because it could result in a rear-end collision. To prevent this, give the truck driver ample time to pass you.
  • Keep a safe distance
    • Driving close to a semi can, again, lead to a collision. Whether you are in front, behind, or beside a semi, allow time for merging and maneuvering. It is recommended to keep a four-second distance between you and a semi.
  • Drive Defensively
    • This applies to any situation while behind the wheel, but it is imperative to be defensive next to semis. These large trucks are slower to react because of their size, therefore you need to pay attention to be able to anticipate problems and change course if necessary.

Staying educated on safe driving tips while sharing the road with semi-trucks is imperative, especially since fatal accidents involving semis are particularly violent and dangerous for drivers of smaller vehicles. Results of a collision can be catastrophic or even fatal for those involved.

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