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Champaign Mechanical Defects/Malfunctions Lawyers

Car accidents are a daily occurrence in every city and every state in the country. With an estimated six million crashes every year, 90 people lose their life every single day in the United States due to injuries suffered in a car accident. And while driver error is one of the most common causes of car accidents, a number of accidents happen because of mechanical or manufacturing defects. These types of accidents can be especially painful and hard to reconcile because they happen at no fault of the driver, and are instead caused by negligent and reckless car manufacturers. And whether the manufacturer was aware of the problem or not before releasing the vehicle to the market, you can still take legal action and hold these companies liable.

It seems that every few months, another major automobile manufacturer is in the news issuing a recall to millions of vehicles for a wide variety of manufacturing defects and malfunctions. From faulty ignition switches to brakes that stick or even airbags that don’t deploy, when car companies build and distribute faulty automobiles, the consequences for the owners can be serious and even deadly. And while any product defect can lead to a potentially dangerous situation, the stakes are highest with automobile defects, especially when they happen at high speeds on highways.

The Champaign mechanical defects/malfunctions car accident lawyers know how devastating these types of accidents can be for victims and their families in terms of physical damage to your vehicle and serious injuries that could drastically alter your life. From medical bills to lost wages, you need financial compensation to keep you from financial ruin. To learn more about your legal options and how a car accident attorney can help you, contact a legal representative at Spiros Law, P.C. today at (217) 328-2828 and schedule a free consultation.

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Since 2005, the Champaign car accident attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. have been representing and fighting for victims of car accidents across the state of Illinois. By providing exemplary care and attention to detail throughout every aspect of our cases, we’ve earned the reputation as one of the premier personal injury firms in the state. We boast a high success rate across all our practice areas due in part by our “all for one and one for all” mentality, where every person at the firm, including partners, has a hand in examining your case and providing their input and expertise. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling these types of cases and are committed to not only hearing the details of your case but hearing your story and getting to know you on an intimate level so we can better represent you and increase the chance of recovering financial compensation to pay for medical and emotional damages. To meet with one of our attorneys and go over the details of your case, contact us today by phone or fill out our online form.

Common Types of Auto Defects/Malfunctions

Taking legal action against car manufacturers can be a complicated and involved process. Dealing with a major car manufacturer’s legal team or insurance company requires extensive preparation and experience; the experience you can only get with an automobile defect attorney who knows how to navigate these potentially turbulent waters. The first step is determining that a defective auto part caused your car accident due to the manufacturer’s negligence.

When auto parts fail or malfunction and lead to an accident, drivers can suffer catastrophic or life-changing injuries that impact every part of their day-to-day existence as well as their future. These injuries can be amplified when defects affect auto parts like seatbelts or airbags that are intended to protect drivers and passengers. You may be eligible for a financial reward if you were injured in an accident for any of the following:

  • Faulty ignition switches that turn the vehicle off while driving
  • Brake malfunction or failure
  • Child seat malfunction
  • Loss of power steering
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Airbags that fail to deploy or deploy without an accident
  • Tire defects or blowouts
  • Heated seat defects
  • Electrical system defects

Any of these defects and malfunctions can lead to serious injury, or in some cases even death, in the event of an accident. You may be able to pursue more damages if manufacturers knew about the defect and didn’t respond in the appropriate amount of time, thereby knowingly keeping defective vehicles on the road and putting lives in danger.

If you have suffered traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, internal damage, or disfigurement in an accident, you may be facing years of medical attention and rehabilitation to make you feel completely well. In serious cases, victims may require multiple surgeries and a lifetime of medical care. By taking legal action you can recover financial compensation to pay for all current and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Automobile manufacturers that build and sell vehicles with defective or malfunctioning auto parts need to be held responsible for their actions. Recalls and apologies aren’t enough, especially if you’ve suffered serious injuries in a single vehicle accident caused by a product defect. At Spiros Law, P.C. we have decades of combined experience seeing victims of these car accidents and know how to take legal action to hold negligent car companies responsible. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident due to defective auto parts, you need an attorney in your corner every step of the way to handle your case while you focus on your recovery. Contact a Champaign car accident lawyer today at (217) 328-2828 and take the first step toward your future.