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Andy Purcell Discusses the Importance of Stop on Red Week

In honor of National Stop on Red Week, which is recognized August 4th through 10th, Associate Attorney, Andy Purcell stopped by Milner Media and spoke with the DJ’s at River Country and the Valley to discuss safe driving. The intention of Stop on Red Week is to help educate the public and bring awareness to the number and severity of intersection crashes. This week provides a much-needed opportunity to promote safe driving and remind drivers of the dangers of running red lights.

As Andy discusses in the interview, it is important to come to a complete stop regardless of if you see any other pedestrians or cars around. It is easy to miss someone coming in your intended traffic path if you are in a hurry. Taking those few extra seconds to fully stop and look both ways can avoid severe injuries to you and others on the road. One of the tips Andy gives is to come to a complete stop, rest your back on the seat, and spell out S-T-O-P before starting to travel into an intersection. Doing this will give you time to look both ways and fully see your surroundings.

Even when we practice safe driving, we can’t control the actions of others. It is too common that someone is involved in a collision on the road, even if they are following all the rules and practicing safe driving tips. In this interview, Andy Purcell mentions that if you find yourself in this type of situation, you can follow the below steps to make sure you receive the treatment you need while also ensuring that your rights are fully represented.

  • Make sure you are away from other traffic and in a safe spot.
  • Call the police in order to make sure you receive the proper medical attention and to properly report the collision.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other parties involved.
  • Take pictures of the scene or have a friend or family member do so if you are unable.
  • If injured, contact an attorney.

When someone is injured due to no fault of their own it can be devastating. Not only are there physical injuries, but there is also emotional trama that comes along with these situations. Calling an attorney can help you handle the paperwork, medical bills, and stress of dealing with an insurance company so you can focus on what matters, your recovery. At Spiros Law, we offer a 100% free consultation where we can discuss your specific situation and work with you to figure out the best course of action. You can reach one of our skilled and dedicated attorneys in any of our central Illinois offices at the below locations or phone numbers:


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You can listen to the full radio interview here: