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Top Attorneys in Downstate Illinois

The Leading Lawyers selections have been released in the May 2019 edition of the Leading Lawyers Consumer Edition magazine. We are proud to announce that both founding partner Jim Spiros and partner Sandy Loeb have both been recognized this year. The selection process for creating the list of Leading Lawyers and designating awards consists of a lengthy process of nominations and official review. The general process is for lawyers to be recommended by their peers to be among the top lawyers in the areas of practice noted. To start, surveys are mailed to all lawyers in the state of Illinois, these surveys ask questions that reveal which peers of theirs they believe are among the top lawyers within their respective region or area of law. For example, they ask lawyers questions such as what attorney they would recommend a family member to if they were not able to take the case. The surveys are designed to ensure that peers are recommending their own peers, and even sometimes, their competitors. It also prevents lawyers from nominating themselves or a fellow attorney at their own law firm.

From there, the next phase involves conducting a lengthy discussion with the nominees, and then their ethical standing is verified. After that, the selectees are reviewed by the Leading Lawyers Advisory Board, which serves to ensure that the process is not controlled by a popularity contest. To be named one of the Leading Lawyers is a commendable accomplishment, and here at Spiros Law, we are proud to give recognition to our attorneys that were chosen to be among the top lawyers in the state of Illinois. Both Jim Spiros Sandy Loeb were among the Top 100 Downstate Illinois Leading Consumer Lawyers. Sandy was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Downstate Illinois Leading Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, ranked ninth. Jim Spiros was among the Top 10 Downstate Illinois Personal Injury Plaintiffs, being ranked fourth, he was also listed seventh among the Top 10 Downstate Illinois Leading Consumer Lawyers, and was selected to be tenth among the overall Top 10 Leading Lawyers in Downstate Illinois.

We congratulate our attorneys for being named and recognized as among the Top Leading Lawyers in their respective areas in Downstate Illinois.