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Seventeen Reported Cases of Salmonella Poisoning in Illinois Linked to Papayas from Mexico

The Department of Public Health reported seventeen cases of salmonella agona in the state of Illinois that has been linked to papayas from Mexico.

People in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, Will and Winnebago counties were taken ill, eight people were hospitalized. In total, 97 people in 23 states are a part of the outbreak that was reported from January 1 and July 18 of this year. The Food and Drug Administration stated Illinois had the second highest amount of cases. The state of Texas had 25 cases of salmonella poisoning.

According to the Mayo Clinic symptoms of salmonella poisoning include nausea and diarrhea, leading to dehydration. Head aches, muscle pain and blood in the stool are other signs of food poisoning. In some cases, it can take several months to recover.

The papaya was distributed and sold by Agromod Produce of McAllen, Texas. The company voluntarily recalled Blondie, Yaya, Mananita and Tastylicious brand of papayas. Anyone who has bought one of these papayas has been advised to put the papaya in a Ziploc bag and return it to the point of purchase or throw out the fruit.

Food stuff can be infected with a random parasite, making a person seriously ill. If you or a loved one has taken ill from food poisoning, call Spiros Law, P.C. at (815) 929-9292 to find out your legal options.