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Kankakee Objects on Roadway Lawyer

One of the basic expectations of driving is that the roadway will be free of debris or other obstructions as people go about their commutes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many accidents are the result hazardous objects occupying lanes of traffic. It is the responsibility of road construction crews and the municipality in general to keep highways safe from construction items and debris, respectively, and if they fail in this duty to you, you can fight back.

Avoiding objects in the road is not always possible in certain traffic conditions, and subsequent collisions can result in damage to vehicles, loss of control, and ultimately a dangerous auto accident. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by an object in the road, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Contact the experienced Kankakee objects on roadways lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C., today at (815) 929-9292 for your free consultation.

Common Obstructions

A variety of circumstances can lead to something on the road obstructing traffic, but any debris can be hazardous to those attempting to navigate the roadway. A few of the more common ways that objects get into the roadway include:

  • Unsecured loads
  • Unremoved roadkill
  • Construction site debris
  • Fallen trees or shrubbery
  • Tire pieces from blowouts

Motorists are responsible for securing any load they transport, and municipalities are obligated to quickly and efficiently remove objects that are obstructing the roadways. Any failure to do so can result in a potentially fatal auto accident.

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If you have been in a car accident caused by an unexpected object blocking the roadway, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your monetary damages and pain and suffering. Contact the skilled and knowledgeable Kankakee objects on roadway attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., today at (815) 929-9292 to discuss the details of your case.