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Most Dangerous Industries In America

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 13 people die while on the job each day. Annually, that number comes out to about 4,700 people who die while at work. This statistic only measures fatalities and does not account for Covid-19 related deaths.

Almost 1/3 of the total workplace deaths comes from the transportation industry. Jobs requiring transportation of materials, such as a truck driver, is the most dangerous job to have in relation to workplace deaths. In 2020, more than 1700 people experienced a fatal injury in the transportation industry. Almost as dangerous as the transportation industry is the construction industry. The construction industry requires the use of heavy machinery which, if not properly maintained, can result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with replacing or fixing heavy machinery demotivates companies from performing the necessary changes to make the machinery safe.

Although these numbers may be frightening to think about as someone who works in one of these industries, there are some steps you can take to ensuring your safety.

  1. Check all equipment before operating. Employers may not keep certain machinery up to date due to the high cost of maintenance. If you see a piece of equipment that looks to need revitalization, be sure to notify a superior immediately.
  2. Wear all necessary safety gear. As a truck driver this means always wearing your seatbelt. Practicing wearing safety gear is important to maintaining safe working conditions.
  3. Report all unsafe behavior to a superior. Noticing and reporting unsafe behavior from other coworkers can prevent unnecessary dangers from occurring.
  4. Take breaks as necessary. Taking a short break during a strenuous shift may be the difference between life and death. Being overworked and over tired can lead to mistakes in using equipment or traveling that can be fatal.
  5. Understand your rights as an employee. Reading the employee handbook or contract can open new opportunities for a safe work environment.

Although not typically thought of when recalling dangerous jobs, transportation and construction jobs are statistically proven to be the most dangerous jobs in America, and although there are ways to prevent some injuries and accidents from happening, we unfortunately cannot prevent all. If you or a loved one has recently been injured or fatally harmed due to an event that happened at work, it is important to consider your options. Hiring an attorney can provide you with the support necessary during this difficult time. Not only are the lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. experienced in workplace injuries and deaths, but they are also compassionate and dedicated people who will fight to see justice for those who have been harmed at the negligence of someone else. To set up a free consultation, call [firm-number] today.