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Miranda Soucie Visits WVLI in Kankakee

Miranda Radio InterviewPartner Miranda Soucie was recently featured on WLVI with Denny Case to discuss what to do if you are injured in a vehicle collision. With worsening and slick road conditions this winter season, drivers must remember to drive slowly and be extra cautious. When asked what the benefits are to hiring an attorney after suffering an injury, Miranda informed listeners how Spiros Law, P.C. helps their clients.

Miranda talked about how sustaining an injury is typically unexpected, and dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming. When someone is injured, they are often left to handle medical bills, treatment, being off work, paperwork, and talking to many people about the situation, all while trying to focus on getting better. At Spiros, we handle all of that except for treatment, while letting the injured person only deal with treating their injuries.

Miranda was also asked what the average person should know about insurance companies. She let the listeners know that nowadays, most insurance companies use a sophisticated computer system. As soon as you get on the phone to speak with an insurance adjuster, they are putting your information into a system that affects an individual’s claim and how this person will be treated down the line. At Spiros, we study those computer systems and know everything that insurance companies need to properly evaluate someone’s claim. We ensure that our clients are treated appropriately and that every piece of information being reported to insurance companies supports the injured individual. You can listen to the full interview below.

When asked what the cost is to hire an attorney after being injured, Miranda reminded listeners that Spiros works on a contingency fee. This means that the attorneys only get paid if they recover compensation for the client. The initial consultation is free, and Miranda emphasized that there is never any harm in reaching out to an attorney to ask a question. Our attorneys are available by phone at (815) 929-9292, through our website, or by visiting one of our three offices in Central Illinois