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Miranda Soucie On Air at Kankakee’s River Country

Miranda Soucie was recently featured on Kankakee’s River Country radio station. During her time on air, she discussed what employees should do if they are injured at work. Miranda states that before anything else, individuals should take care of themselves and seek medical attention.  After that is taken care of, she mentions the appropriate steps to take to inform your employer of your injury. Once you have had the conversation about your injury with your boss, follow up with an e-mail. This will provide documentation that the conversation occurred. After you have handled this, seek out a professional by following up with an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation.

Miranda then mentions that many individuals are afraid to go against their employers, fearing they will be fired or demoted. However, this should not be a worry because Illinois law protects employees from their employers taking such actions.

Miranda ends by explaining that it doesn’t cost you anything to speak with an attorney at Spiros Law, as the first consultation is always free. Everything after the initial consultation is a contingency fee, meaning our attorneys are paid based on what they recover on your behalf. In other words, all payment comes out of the settlement, so you are out nothing.

You can listen to Miranda’s full interview below.

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