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Miranda Soucie On Air at WVLI

Spiros Law Partner Miranda Soucie was recently featured on 92.7 WVLI radio station in Kankakee. During her time on the air, she discussed a recent slip and fall case of hers that went all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. Miranda’s client had slipped and fallen on a broken sidewalk which was owned by a municipality. She explains that when a municipality is involved, it means that there are immunities in order to protect a city from certain types of lawsuits. In this situation, both parties were in disagreement on whether or not an alleged immunity applied to this particular situation. The Illinois Supreme Court confirmed that it did not apply to this situation, and they ruled in Miranda’s clients’ favor.

Miranda then explains that property owners are responsible for making sure that their properties are safe to be on, regardless if someone is allowed to be there or not. She then added an interesting fact that in the state of Illinois, property owners are not responsible for winter weather-related issues. The idea is that the weather created the condition, therefore most people are not held responsible. Miranda ends by encouraging individuals who think they may have a case to set up a consultation with an attorney at Spiros Law, as your initial consultation is always free. You can listen to Miranda’s full interview below:

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