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Jim Spiros Live on Air Discussing Teen Driving Safety Tips

Founding Partner Jim Spiros was recently featured on two local radio stations to discuss National Teen Driver Safety Week. On air, he was interviewed by Denny Case from WIVR and Tony Kelly from WVLI where he talked about the importance of teen driver safety. Jim told the interviewers and listeners how the week is designed to educate the public in general, but most specifically, parents and teens, regarding serious traffic collisions and fatalities, as well as how to prevent them. Jim highlighted some important statistics, including the fact that new drivers have the highest incidence of collision rates within their first 12 months after receiving their driver’s license. Additionally, he informed them that this week is mainly focused on raising awareness about safe teen driving methods.

These safe driving methods include refraining from using a cellular device while driving, always ensuring that you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts and limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle. Limiting the number of passengers is especially important for new drivers because they can be easily distracted by their peers and loud music in the vehicle, which increases the likelihood of being in a traffic collision. In general, Jim emphasized the importance of promoting safe driving behaviors for teens during the week.

As part of the interviews, Jim was asked what to do if you are in a traffic collision and to that, he stressed the importance of seeking medical attention first and foremost. Once your medical status is safe, Jim recommended calling an attorney, specifically one that has experience in these matters, like Spiros Law, P.C. Jim spoke about how many people are not fully aware of their rights after being involved in a traffic crash, which is why calling an attorney and discussing these rights is an important part of the process if you were injured in the collision as a result of another party’s negligence. Jim concluded one of the interviews with a message directed towards teen drivers: “buckle up and put down the phone.” Listen to the full interview below.

The attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. represent men and women who are victims of another person’s negligence. Our attorneys are readily available to answer any questions if you have been involved in a traffic collision. Contact one of our attorneys today at (815) 929-9292 to receive a free consultation.