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Investigation findings about Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Reported to State Fair Commission

Last week, the Indiana State Fair Commission heard a 90-minute presentation about the investigation into the stage collapse at last year’s state fair that killed seven people and injured dozens of other people who were waiting for a scheduled performance by the Sugarland band.

On August 13, a temporary stage set up for the Indiana State Fair collapsed on concertgoers when winds reached an estimated 58 miles per hour. Officials were coming to the stage to announce the cancellation of the performance at the time of the collapse.

Officials from Thornton Tomasetti, an engineering company, and emergency planning advisers Witt Associates detailed the results of their separate investigations into the Aug. 13 collapse, stated that metal rigging structure did not meet industry standards for temporary structure. Structures are required to be able to withstand winds up to 68 miles per hour while holding speakers and lighting equipment.

It was also noted that there was a lack of a fully developed emergency plan. It was unclear as to who had the authority to call off the concert despite concerns throughout the day regarding the weather conditions.  Moments before the stage collapsed, fair officials were making their way to announce the cancellation of the concert.

Findings from this investigation are expected to provide information for several lawsuits filed against companies involved in building the stage as well as Sugarland. Band members, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, have given depositions in regards to these lawsuits in the past week.

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