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Injured nurses finding little support from employers

NPR’s recent investigative series, Injured Nurses, has revealed a startling trend among individuals in the nursing field. Those working in nursing have some of the most startling numbers of back and body injuries – more than workers in most other fields. Unfortunately, injured workers far too frequently find that their employers refuse to acknowledge the cause of their injuries or provide them with the compensation they need to cover resulting medical treatment.

In one specific case, NPR highlights the experiences of nurse Terry Cawthorn who suffered a debilitating back injury after moving a patient from her hospital gurney to her bed. After two subsequent injuries in just a few weeks, she had to be admitted to the hospital to undergo a lumbar interbody fusion procedure. Sadly, not only did Cawthorn’s employer fail to help her with her resulting medical bills, despite suffering an on-the-job injury, they terminated her because her injury left her unable to perform her job.

Sadly, NPR explains in their report that this is just one of many such cases they’ve uncovered in the course of their investigation. You can read the entire story by clicking here.