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Illinois to Allow Camera Monitoring in Nursing Homes

Illinois’ governor recently signed a new law that will allow for the installation of monitoring devices in nursing homes. This law comes at time in which families of nursing home residents have grown increasingly concerned about the activities that occur in long-term care facilities amid reports of nursing home abuse and neglect.

The law is especially timely considering that nursing home resident populations are expected to drastically rise in the next decade as Baby Boomers reach an age at which assisted living facilities will provide a needed service. Currently, 76,000 Illinois residents are patients in nursing home facilities, receiving care and medical assistance when needed.

The new law allows people to place video cameras in the rooms of their loved ones to monitor their care and requires all residents of a room to sign a form consenting to the surveillance. A posting on the door reading “this room is electronically monitored” is also required. The law will go into effect this upcoming January.

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