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How Can You Prevent a Dog Bite?

Dogs can be some of our closest companions and we often think of them as affectionate pets and loyal friends. Millions of households across the United States have a dog as a pet, however, sometimes those dogs can bite. Not only are these bites painful, but they can also cause infection, injury, or nerve damage which puts the victim at risk for illness or in rare cases death. Just because accidents like this can occur does not mean that you should avoid dogs completely. Ultimately, the dog’s behavior is the responsibility of its owner. As an owner, you must stay informed on what you can do in order to prevent a bite from happening, thus allowing yourself and others to live comfortably around dogs.

What you can do to prevent dog bites:

  • Socialization: Expose your pet to different situations while they are still young, if possible. By doing so, your dog will feel more comfortable in a variety of situations as it gets older. Introducing your puppy to people, other dogs, loud noises and any other fearful situations at a young age will benefit them in many ways in the future.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership: As a pet owner, you must put your dog through training in order to prevent possible erratic behavior. It is also important to always keep your dog on a leash in unclosed areas, that way you have control if the dog becomes erratic. Finally, you must keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date, particularly it’s rabies vaccination.
  • Avoid Risky Situations: It is important to know when and when you should not interact with dogs. The following situations are examples of when you should avoid coming in contact with a dog:
    • If the dog is not with its owner
    • If the dog is on the other side of a fence
    • If the dog is eating or sleeping
    • If the dog is resting with her puppies or seems very protective over her puppies
    • If the dog is growling or barking
    • If the dog is hiding
  • Pay Attention to Body Language: Dogs rely on their body gestures to give others around them a message, which is why you should pay attention to the body language of your dog. If you can suspect when your dog is about to bite or attack, you can warn others around you or remove your dog from the situation.
  • Don’t Use Physical or Aggressive Punishments: If you are aggressive toward your dog, they may pick up on those behaviors and be aggressive toward others. Instead of being aggressive with your pet, try positive reinforcement. Rewarding your dog for good behavior is much more effective because dogs aim to please their owners.

Under Illinois law, owners are responsible for all of their dog’s dangerous behaviors, which is why it is imperative to take precautions in order to prevent your pet from biting. If you do not take the proper precautions, your dog could cause another person immense physical damage, financial trouble, and emotional trauma.

The dog bite attorneys at Spiros Law P.C. understand that victims of dog bites deserve financial compensation to help offset the costs of the attack and they will fight until the responsible owner is held accountable.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite, contact the experienced attorneys at Spiros Law P.C. at (815) 929-9292 to discuss your case.