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Hospitals doing away with ‘deny-and-defend’

Hospitals habitually are cautious when it comes to disclosing particular details of a medical procedure for fear of being slapped with a medical malpractice lawsuit if the operation did not go as smoothly as planned. However, in recent years, more hospitals are opting to be more open to their parents and their families instead of employing the “deny-and-defend” approach.

In a bid to reach this goal, the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently released an online toolkit that seeks to broaden the use of the agency’s Communication and Optimal Resolution process, which crafts guidelines for more transparency in making the patient’s family aware of adverse occurrences.

The move towards this direction has been fueled by research that patients and their families want to be informed if an untoward incident has occurred and that doctors and other attending physicians feel stressed and anxious whenever they feel hindered to discuss their patients’ medical conditions at length.

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