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Holidays in the Nursing Home

Celebrating the holidays is a wonderful time for many families, but this time of the year can be an uncomfortable reminder to nursing home residents that they cannot participate in festivities like they once could. If your loved one was placed in the care of a nursing home facility, the holidays can bring anxious and nervous feelings over worrying about how they will celebrate with their family. It is important that nursing home residents still know they are a crucial part of their family’s life. With the right approach, you can bring holiday cheer to your loved ones and celebrate the holiday season.

Since it is more difficult decorating for the holidays while residing in a nursing home, consider collecting holiday cards from family, friends, and neighbors. You can surprise your elderly loved one with these thoughtful cards and find a special place for them in their room. To make the cards even more sentimental, add family photos and place them on your loved one’s dresser or nightstand. Your loved one will be grateful to see how many people are thinking of them during the holiday season.

While your loved one may not be able to travel to holiday gatherings, discuss the possibility of bringing the family to them at the nursing home. It is important to plan the holiday gathering in advance with the nursing home facility, but many facilities are open to this idea for their residents. Consider bringing your loved one’s favorite holiday food to remind them that you are thinking of them, especially if they are used to holiday traditions. Additionally, knowing what to get your loved one who is a permanent resident in a nursing home can be difficult. Some great gift recommendations include books or magazines, a new robe with slippers, a calendar with important family dates marked on it, or framed photos of loved ones.

Making an effort to incorporate your elderly loved one into holiday traditions and family gatherings can bring happiness and comfort to their lives. Unfortunately, however, some nursing homes and facilities don’t provide the proper care that you are expecting of them. It is important to look for signs of abuse or neglect when visiting your loved one at the nursing home facility. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you expect that your loved one will be treated with the highest quality of care, but this is not always the case. While visiting your loved one, pay attention to the facility and caregivers. If you notice that anything might be off, it could be a sign of nursing home abuse. Common types of nursing home abuse include:

This type of abuse or neglect can happen in plain sight but is often overlooked. If you suspect that your loved one may be being subjected to elder abuse or neglect, it is important to contact a legal professional. At Spiros Law, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the representation they deserve. Contact our office today if you suspect that abuse of your elderly loved one has occurred.