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Happy National Law Day!

May 1st is National Law Day!  Law Day is a national day to celebrate the rule of law. This day provides an opportunity to understand how law and the legal process protects our liberty, achieves justice, and contributes to the freedoms in America.  It also aims to cultivate respect for the law, which is vital to our society.

Law Day began in 1957 by Charles Rhyne, president of the American Bar Association. He wanted a day that was designed to celebrate the US legal system. The following year, President Dwight Eisenhower established law day by issuing a proclamation. Since that year, every president has issued an annual Law Day Proclamation. According to the Legal Information Institute, the President issues a proclamation, which calls on public officials to display the United States flags in all government buildings on Law Day.

Each year, there is a specific theme for Law Day. Some previous themes included “Justice for All”, “Foundations of Freedom”, and “Struggle for Justice.” The theme for 2019 is “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” Free speech and press are two of the most important aspects of a free society and they are prominent topics in public discourse and litigation. It is impossible to imagine a free society without free speech and press, and we are called to recognize this on May 1st.

To celebrate Law Day, bar associations hold luncheons with guest speakers who speak on topics related to the theme. Some activities that take place on this day include fundraising events and tasks, community outreach activities, poster and essay contests, and interactive school lessons. The Amerian Bar Association gives out Law Day Awards which are given to individuals who promote public understanding of the law and integrate the Law Day theme consistently.

The team at Spiros Law encourages you to take this day to educate yourself on the law in our country, and take time to appreciate the freedom it provides you in your everyday life. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to understanding the law and using it to protect and preserve the rights of all who seek our assistance. We use the law to assist all individuals who are unrightfully injured or harmed and get them the compensation they need and deserve to move on with their lives. We are not only dedicated to understanding the law, but also to serving our clients, which has allowed us to become one of the top law firms in the Central Illinois area. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, we encourage you to contact the personal injury lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. at (815) 929-9292.