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How can Spiros Law, P.C. simplify the process of dealing with insurance companies?

At Spiros Law, P.C., we understand that the aftermath of an injury can be an extremely stressful time for you and your family. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and will often try to underpay you or deny your claim after you’ve been injured. We want to prevent you from being overwhelmed by insurance companies, and we’re ready to take your case and get you the coverage you need. We can help you:

Figure out what coverage is available

Knowing what kind of coverage is available to you after you’ve been injured is just one step toward recovery that the experienced attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. can assist you with. We know how to handle insurance companies, and can navigate the ins and outs of your coverage policy to ensure you are being treated fairly. Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP), and Medical Payments coverage (MedPay), are optional in Illinois, as well as in most other states, but may be beneficial to you in the case of an accident. Regardless of your coverage, we can help you file your claim without the stress of figuring out the complexities by yourself. You can rest assured that we will uncover all of your options when you are facing a personal injury settlement.

Meet the statute of limitations

A personal injury claim must be filed within two years of the accrual of claims in the state of Illinois. While usually this means the statute of limitations starts the day of the accident in which injuries were sustained, sometimes the statute of limitations starts when the injuries are discovered, which could reasonably be at a later time. This is called the discovery rule, and may be applicable to your case. Additionally, sometimes it is possible for the statute of limitations to be tolled, meaning temporarily stopped, if the plaintiff was less than 18 years old at the time of the accident. The statute of limitations is in place to prevent evidence from being lost and to ensure that the threat of a lawsuit isn’t always hanging in the air. At Spiros Law, P.C., we can help you understand all of these possibilities and how the statute of limitations applies to your case.

Pay medical bills and get lien reductions

A lien is interest in medical costs from health care providers and insurance companies for patients with personal injury settlements. Health care providers will often collect liens when the injured person does not have health insurance or if their insurance will not cover all of their medical expenses. If you have MedPay under your auto insurance, you might also have to pay a lien. We can help you understand how liens affect your case as well as describe your options for paying medical bills. We’re committed to helping reduce your medical payments so you can focus on moving forward from your accident.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Illinois and would like to learn more about how an attorney can help you deal with insurance companies, contact Spiros Law, P.C. for a free consultation by calling (815) 929-9292 or online.