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Champaign Trucking Accidents Attorney

Large commercial vehicles such as semi trucks and 18-wheelers are essential to the transport of goods such as food, furniture, heavy machinery, and construction materials across the United States. However, due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, any accidents involving these vehicles can be catastrophic. Thus, everyone in the trucking industry—from vehicle manufacturers to the drivers themselves—must act carefully to help prevent these accidents.

Unfortunately, not everyone involved in the trucking industry acts as responsibly as they should, sometimes leading to devastating trucking accidents. If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the Champaign truck accident lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C., can help you determine who is at fault for the accident and seek the compensation you deserve. Contact our offices at (815) 929-9292 to learn more about how we can help you.

Cases We Handle

Truck accidents can leave victims facing significant injuries in addition to emotional distress and heavy financial burdens. At Spiros Law, P.C., we may be able to secure compensation from the party at fault for your accident in order to cover these damages. We are prepared to handle cases involving the following:

  • Drunk driving
  • Mechanical defect / malfunction
  • Employer negligence / liability
  • Truck driver error / negligence
  • No-zone accidents

Even the smallest mistakes with truck manufacturing, driving, and maintenance can lead to horrible collisions and life-threatening injuries. If someone else has caused you to suffer in a trucking accident, our tenacious legal team can help you fight back.

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The Champaign truck accident attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., believe that truck accident victims have the right to seek full compensation from the party at fault for their damages. Contact our offices at (815) 929-9292 to discuss your rights and legal options during this challenging time.

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