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Car-motorcycle collision results in motorcyclist’s death

Two weeks ago in downtown Danville, a tragic car-motorcycle collision took the life of Wilbur N. Kiger, 50, after he suffered a traumatic brain injury following the collision. The accident occurred on September 17th at 5:43 pm, when Mr. Kiger was driving a motorcycle on Vermilion Street and was struck at the intersection of Vermilion and Main Street after a car made a left onto Vermilion Street. The driver, Melissa Geneau, was unharmed in this accident.

Unfortunately, 42% of all car-motorcycle collisions occur in situations where cars are making left-hand turns and collide with a motorcyclist. Drivers may not anticipate certain motorcycle maneuvers or may fail to see a motorcyclist because of their lower visibility, and motorcyclists involved in car-motorcycle accidents face a higher level of vulnerability due to their exposed nature on their bike.

The thoughts of everyone at Spiros Law, P.C., are with Mr. Kiger’s family and loved ones at this truly devastating time.