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BP Recalls Tainted Gasoline

Oil company, BP, announced that contaminated gasoline from their Whiting, Indiana refinery was mistakenly sent to several gas stations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana this week.

Seven thousand consumer complaints had reached the company by Wednesday, August 22 after people found their cars had problems starting properly. An investigation lead to the BP refinery in Whiting where reported higher levels of polymeric residue was found in gasoline that has not been sent out yet.

This residue causes the gas to have a sludge-like consistency and is able to clog the fuel system of engines, according to mechanics. The problem was traced back to BP gas stations as a number of vehicles hit repair shops when their engines displayed hard-starting or stalling actions. BP is recalling unused fuel while continuing to investigate the cause of the contamination.

A faulty fuel product can damage property needed for every day tasks and leaving consumers with large bills. If you or a loved one knows someone who has suffered damages because of a faulty product, call Spiros Law, P.C. to explore your legal rights.