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Arkansas lawyers fight against proposal to put cap on medical malpractice fees

Financial reports released on Friday, August 12 showed that the Committee to Protect AR Families, received more than $400,000 from attorneys during its first month of fundraising. The group is which is opposing a suggested change to the Arkansas Constitution that seeks to put a cap on lawyer fees in lawsuits against medical care providers.

The committee was formed last month to oppose the proposed amendment, which also puts a cap on non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. A petition, that wants the amendments passed, which is backed by a consortium of nursing home owners, doctors, and health care providers, got enough signatures to qualify it for the November 8 general election ballot, the Office of the State Secretary said during the first week of August.

Health Care Access for Arkansans director Chase Dugger said Committee to Protect AR Families director Martha Deaver is spreading “scare tactics”, and blowing over proportion the gravity of a provision that seeks to cap non-economic damages at $250,000, noting, “After this amendment passes, anyone seeking legal recourse will have multiple outlets beyond non-medical damages to pursue, including no limit on punitive damages.”

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