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McMahon Discusses Health Problems After Football Career

Jim McMahon was known as the ‘punky QB’ during his days as an NFL quarterback and was most known for leading the Bears to a Superbowl win in the 1985-86 season.

McMahon suffered four concussions during his playing days but was jostled plenty during his 14-year career. He stated that sideline coaches and trainers would ask basic questions to determine if he could go back into the game after being hit. McMahon’s contracts were loaded with incentives if he made certain goals. If he did not play to make those goals, McMahon would get a smaller paycheck, so he would go back in.

These days, McMahon is showing signs of early-stage dementia. He has to write down messages left on the phone answering machine  before deleting them so he will know who to call back. When he meets people, he asks a companion minutes later how he knows that person. It is for these reasons that he has joined other retired players in a lawsuit against the NFL regarding the large number of former players who have concussion-related dementia and/or brain trauma.

He stated in an interview with a Chicago television station that, while he appreciates everything that football has given him, if he had to do it all over again he would have played baseball instead where the health risks are not as great.

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