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Bradley Nursing Home Undergoes Name Change

River North of Bradley Health and Rehabilitation Center recently decided to change their name to GreenTree of Bradley Rehab and Health. In an interview, JoMarie Silver, GreenTree’s administrator stated this change “goes along with other changes we are making in the facility.” However, the nursing home still has the same owner, administrator, and website. Unfortunately,… Read More

Employee at nursing home steals drugs from patients

A former nursing home assistant has been jailed after being caught stealing medication from patients at a nursing home in Illinois that he was working at. He was charged with aggravated battery to an elderly person. Video surveillance caught the man poking holes into patients in Alzheimer’s disease medication patches then licking the painkiller off… Read More

Chicago nursing home may lose license after patient death

A spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Health says that all of the patients at the Fox River Pavillion have been moved to other nursing homes following the death of a resident in a fight.  Authorities have accused nurs ing home adm inistrators of failing to provide adequate supervision of patients in their care, especially… Read More