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Two kids struck by car in bicycle accident

Tuesday afternoon, two children were injured after they were struck by a car while biking through an intersection. According to local police, the accident occurred as the two children were riding at the intersection of Merchant Avenue and Washington Avenue just after 2:30 p.m. The children were heading west down the road when the driver… Read More

Champaign woman injured after two-car collision

One woman was injured after  two-car accident occurred in Champaign last week. According to Champaign police officials, the accident occurred as an 18-year-old man was injured while attempting to make a left turn at the intersection at Mattis and Kirbey. The man failed to see a northbound car and turned in front of it, causing… Read More

Man fighting for stop signs at intersection to prevent accidents

A Manteno man is fighting for a 4-way stop sign to be put into place at an intersection near his home after his neighbor’s daughter was injured in a crash there. This is one of multiple accidents that has happened at this intersection over the years. The man has lived near the intersection for nearly… Read More

Truck Crashes in Starbuck’s Building

Starbuck’s on Route 50 in Bradley was closed when a pick-up truck crashed into the south entrance on January 13, 2011. Four people were injured from this accident.   Jason Helmig was at the McDonald’s drive-thru with a five-year-old passenger when he began to suffer from an unidentified medical problem. Helmig’s truck accelerated, going north.… Read More

One injured after train hits car

One person was injured after an Amtrak train hit a car near the Braidwood crossing. The accident occurred as the car was crossing the train tracks on Division Street around 11 a.m. and the train struck the car. There were no gates preventing the person from driving on the tracks, but there were warning lights… Read More

Child in serious condition after hit by car

A 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by a car outside of his home on June 3 in Kankakee. The boy had just left his home to go over to a neighbor’s home to play when he was struck. The child remains sedated in a coma a Loyola University Medical Center in… Read More