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Fog may be cause of chain-reaction accident on Interstate 55

A 17-car pileup on Interstate 55 may have been caused by dense fog in the area, according to officials. According to officials, the accident occurred on the northbound lanes of Interstate 55 and caused them to be closed for hours, but it is unknown what the exact cause of the crash was. Another accident occurred… Read More

Car veers off highway, drives through three backyards before stopping.

On Monday, June 13th, a car drove through the backyards of several homes in Bradley, Illinois. The driver was sent to the hospital after she was extricated from the car by the fire department. Sonja Grace, 67, of Herscher was southbound on I-57 when she lost control of her car. She hit the front end… Read More

Man injured after car hits tree

Two people were injured, one a 9-month old boy, in a auto accident after a man’s car swerved into a tree. One accident occurred as a 29-year-old Bourbonnais man was traveling southbound on Kennedy Drive  just before 3 p.m. when he swerved off of the road for unknown reasons and struck a tree. The driver… Read More

Teen still in critical condition after motorcycle accident

An 18-year-old is currently recovering at Riverside Medical Center after a motorcycle and car accident that occurred Tuesday. According to officials, the accident occurred on Illinois Route 1 when the  man was operating the  motorcycle and collided with another vehicle at the intersection 3000S Road. The motorcyclist was traveling southbound down the roadway when he… Read More

Accident takes the life of Lansing Woman

Grant Park, in north-eastern Kankakee County, was the site of an accident that cost an elderly woman her life on November 2, 2010. Beatrice Poortenga was driving eastbound on 8000 North Road. At the intersection of Illinois routes 1 and 17, the 83-year-old Lansing, Illinois resident apparently failed to stop. According to Sgt. Angela Kinstner… Read More

Car Crash in Rural Pilot Township Leaves Two Injured

It is important to be aware of your surroundings when driving, even when out in the wide open country spaces. On Thursday August 26, 2010, a 16-year-old Essex girl drove into the back of a 1991 Camaro that was stopped with another car for a school bus.   The accident took place on westbound Illinois… Read More

Three-car crash shut down interstate

A series of car crashes shut down the southbound lane of Interstate 57 for nearly four hours. According to Illinois State Police,  the first crash occurred around 1 p.m. when a semi-truck hit another truck that was carrying paint. The paint truck was driving behind the semi and spraying paint on the road in order… Read More

Weather Blamed in Two Illinois Accidents

Gusty winds, heavy snow, and icy roads are being blamed for two crashes which occurred Wednesday morning on Interstate 57, south of the town of Manteno. According to police, the low visibility and perilous road conditions led to a southbound pickup truck losing its grip on the road and sliding into a ditch, where it… Read More