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Indiana Health Agency Waited to Tell Public of Tainted Steroids

As the number of deaths from the tainted steroids used for back pain treatment rise, it is reported that the state of Indiana knew about the problems with the steroids before notifying the public about problems with the product. Over the weekend it was reported that the total number of people who have died from… Read More

Report find Farm linked to Salmonella Outbreak Unclean

A report from a federal inspection regarding a salmonella outbreak at an Indiana farm has been released to the public. In August of 2012, a salmonella bacterium was found at the Chamberlain Farm in Indiana when reports of food poisoning were linked to the cantaloupes coming from the farm. The salmonella outbreak affected 270 people… Read More

Crash in Indiana Kills Crete, Illinois Woman

Alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that occurred in Lake County, Indiana that killed a woman from Crete, Illinois and injured a man from Indiana. Neither car held any passengers. On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Annette Orellana was driving westbound in the vicinity of 98th and Sheffield avenues outside of St. John,… Read More

Unlisted Peanuts found in Ice Cream Recalled by Kroger

The nation’s largest grocery store operator, Kroger, announced that they are recalling ice cream sold in their stores that contains peanuts not listed on the label.   Private Selection Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream in 16-ounce pints with a sell-by date of June 18,2012 and the UPC code 11110 52909 is being recalled because peanuts… Read More

Cantaloupes Recalled After Listeria Outbreak

Cantaloupes that came from a farm in the Rocky Ford growing region of Colorado are being recalled after an outbreak of listeriosis bacterium. The cantaloupes were sent to 17 states including Illinois and Indiana, resulting in reports of 22 people having illness from the cantaloupes. One case of illness from the cantaloupes has been reported… Read More

Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled after Salmonella Outbreak

Throughout Illinois, an outbreak of salmonella has been linked to a reported 50 cases. The investigation of the cases leads back to Tiny Greens Farm of Urbana through Jimmy John’s restaurants. Kankakee County had three reported cases of salmonella. Jimmy John’s restaurants in Kankakee, Bourbonnais and Manteno voluntarily pulled the alfalfa sprouts from their menus… Read More