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Andrew Purcell Discusses Dog Bites

Spiros Law attorney, Andrew Purcell, was recently interviewed on the local radio station, 92.7 The Valley, in Kankakee. Listen to the full interview on the above audio. People around the world enjoy the loving companionship of dogs and Summer weather brings nicer days to take your pets for walks outside. With an increased animal presence,… Read More

How Can You Prevent a Dog Bite?

Dogs can be some of our closest companions and we often think of them as affectionate pets and loyal friends. Millions of households across the United States have a dog as a pet, however, sometimes those dogs can bite. Not only are these bites painful, but they can also cause infection, injury, or nerve damage… Read More

Ottawa Boy Survives Dog Attack

Late Monday afternoon a 7 year old Ottawa boy was attacked by two dogs after running into their home. The young boy and his friend were playing near the home when he followed the other into a house which held a Labrador Retriever and a mixed-breed. The dogs chased the boy out of the house… Read More

Ottawa Boy Chased and Bitten by Two Dogs

An Ottawa boy was bitten by two dogs on Monday, April 2, 2012 and was taken to the emergency room. The seven-year-old was chasing another boy just before 5 p.m. on Monday afternoon when the first boy chased the other into the second boy’s house. The house contained two dogs, a Labrador retriever and a… Read More