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Ride to Work Day Safety Precautions to Remember

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration named June 17th National Ride to Work Day! With the summer weather approaching its peak, we may see an increase in motorcycles on the roads enjoying the warm weather. We encourage individuals to celebrate the unique road freedom and safety precautions of motorcycle riding. While today’s main purpose is to highlight motorcycle safety, this is something we should practice in our everyday routines. Riding to work can be very fun but it is dangerous and comes with responsibilities for the motorcycle operator as well as the traffic around them. Promoting the following safety precautions will help us ensure the safety of our Illinois drivers!

  1. Helmets Are Vital

The key to safe riding is a safe helmet! When shopping for a helmet always purchase one that meets the standards of the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. In the year 2015, 58 percent of motorcycle accidents ended with fatality in states that do not have strict helmet laws. While the law may vary from state to state a helmet should be worn every time you get on a motorcycle especially if you are a novice rider. The same year 1,772 lives were saved in motorcycle crashes due to helmets.

  1. Never Drive Impaired

If you are under the influence you should never operate a motorcycle or any motorized vehicle. If you find yourself impaired we encourage you to find alternative rides. Call a friend or utilize a rideshare program like Uber or Lyft. By refraining from impaired driving, you ensure the safety of yourself as well as others around you. Compared to all other motor vehicle collisions, motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents were found to have the highest percentage of alcohol-impaired drivers. While drinking and operating a motorcycle can both be fun activities, they should always be kept separate. It is imperative to follow the laws of your state to keep yourself and those around you safe. Failure to abide by these laws may conclude with a DUI or the suspension of your driver’s license.

  1. Respect Other Riders and Drivers

Motorcycle safety and traffic safety all together means drivers must respect the space of motorcycles. Give motorcyclists room and stay alert! Motorcyclists face challenges like visibility, venerability, and size. Keeping these things in mind, we urge drivers to take extra precautions when driving near or passing motorcycles. Motorcycle practices such as downshifting and weaving may occur and it is everyone’s responsibility to be alert on the roads and be ready to respond to such actions. Laws are in place to reduce road collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles and we encourage individuals to follow them to ensure the safest roads possible.

We encourage you to keep the precautions listed above in mind when out on the roads. Even if you take the proper precautions for yourself and your family and friends, you cannot control the actions of others. If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligent actions while operating a motor vehicle, contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Spiros Law at (815) 929-9292Ride to Work Day Safety Precautions to Remember to discuss your rights and legal options.