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Major Blood Pressure Medication Recall

Federal investigators recently discovered potentially cancer-causing impurities in dozens of medications that are used to treat high blood pressure, resulting in a major recall. Valsartan, losartan, and irbesartan are being traced to a pharmaceutical ingredient known as N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), which is an ingredient that was formerly used to make rocket fuel, antioxidants, and lubricant additives.  It has been classified by the Food and Drug Administration as a “probable human carcinogen” which can not only cause cancer, but also liver and blood damage. Although contracting cancer from this drug is possible, the FDA claims that the risk is low, and fortunately, no manufacturers have received any reports of any illnesses from the medication. Because the risk is so low, experts recommend that if you are currently taking any of these medications, you should not discontinue use. If you stop taking the drug, it will impose a larger threat than the contamination itself, as it can cause elevated blood pressure which can lead to serious health complications. You should, however, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately, as they may be able to help you find a safer alternative.

A likely cause of the impurities being found is from the production. All of the recalled medications were produced in either China or India. It is very common for American drug companies to utilize factories overseas to manufacture their products According to the Government Accountability Office, almost 40% of medications are produced overseas. This tactic is successful in keeping the prices of drugs down, however, the quality of the medication can be compromised because of this. Unfortunately, the FDA does not know the exact cause of the contamination and is still investigating. They hope to be able to specifically identify the problem and figure out what changes need to be made in the manufacturing process in order to avoid this issue in the future.

You and your loved ones place your trust in the medical industry to provide you with safe and beneficiary drugs. When they fail to do so, it puts lives at risk. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a defective drug, you may be eligible for compensation. However, because these cases often involve major corporations, receiving that compensation can be difficult. The defective drugs and devices attorneys at Spiros Law P.C. understand the frustration of fighting against a corporate giant, and they have the experience to help you take action to protect your life and livelihood. To speak about your unique situation, contact us at (815) 929-9292.