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Extra Injured on the Set of “Transformers 3” Awarded Settlement

A woman who was injured while working on the set of Transformers 3 as an extra has been awarded a settlement over $18 million.

Gabriella Cedillo was on the set in September 2010, getting ready for a scene inside of a car. That is when a metal bracket for a wire went flying and came through the windshield of the car Cedillo was sitting in. She was hit on the head by the bracket and those injuries led to severe lifelong disabilities.

The metal piece destroyed 1/3 of Cedillo’s skull and damaged portions of the right side of her brain. Cedillo requires 24-hour care. She suffers from hallucinations, is blind in her left eye and has limited walking ability. Her family is not sure if Cedillo will ever live a ‘normal’ life again.

Parts of the settlement will re-pay medical costs covered by Public  Aid and pay $800,000 unpaid bills for medical and rehabilitation services. A portion of the settlement is to be set aside so that Cedillo’s monthly medical costs are covered for the rest of her life.

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