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Car histories erased all over Illinois and Indiana

Automotive experts have recently found that pertinent information has been removed from documents regarding over 30,000 vehicles in Illinois and Indiana, Chicago investigative news outlet ABC7 I-TEAM reported.

There is a danger that residents from both states may have been driving cars with erased odometers, a history of car wrecks, or other unsafe elements that they are entirely unaware of, Illinois Secretary of State officer Sergeant Elmer Garza said.

Chris Basso of vehicle history compiler Carfax, Inc. said the modus operandi of people who sell “salvaged” vehicles is to alter the documents of said vehicles and move them to other states. Then, they sell these vehicles by misrepresenting the product.

Auto industry expert Greg Jacobi noted that in online postings some cars were described as “like new,” or “flawless,” but upon closer inspection, these vehicles were involved in previous accidents or had sustained damages.

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