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Bedford Park factory Sued by Family of Worker Who Died From Acid Burns

The family of a 50-year-old man, who died last year after being burned on over 80% of his body, is suing the man’s former employer.

Carlos Centeno worked as a contractor at Raani Corp., which manufactures household and personal grooming products. In November of 2011, Centeno was cleaning a tank when heated citric acid exploded from the tank. The 50-year-old man was burned by the acid on over 80% of his body. He died from his injuries three weeks later.

According to the lawsuit, Raani Corp. purposely did not call 911 when Centeno was burned on over one third of his body with third degree burns. A co-worker drove Centeno to a medical clinic 30 minutes later. Eventually, Centeno was transferred to Loyola Hospital.

An investigation by OSHA after Centeno’s death lead to 14 health and safety violations, resulting in over $400,000 in fines to be paid by Raani.

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