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Wrongful Death

A maintenance worker accidentally leaves a manhole uncovered on the sidewalk, leading a passerby to fall into it and sustain a serious injury. In a situation like this, the maintenance worker can be held liable, but won’t necessarily face charges in a criminal court. If the person who fell into the manhole disagrees, he can take legal action against the maintenance worker in a civil court. But what would happen if the fall were fatal?

Since a deceased person cannot start a lawsuit, the legal system allows a deceased person’s loved ones to file a claim against the person they believe is responsible. The odds in a civil court can be better because the standard of proof may not be as high, but the punishment will probably not be as severe and will only include financial compensation. Nonetheless, a wrongful death claim can help grieving family members find restitution.

Wrongful death suits can also be started when a family disagrees with a criminal verdict. In the famous OJ Simpson trial, Simpson was acquitted of murder in a criminal court. Had he been convicted, he could have faced life in prison or even execution. The families of the victims disagreed and successfully sued Simpson, winning $33.5 million.

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