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Suffering a serious injury because of someone else’s actions or carelessness is often quite frustrating and disorienting. Depending on the injury, your recollection of the events might even be unclear or altogether absent. When you take the important early step of hiring a lawyer to represent you, it can sometimes be difficult to pull together the facts that you and your attorney need to construct a case. With a little forethought, however, you can spend more time recovering and less time worrying about the legal complexities.

Since every case is unique, the exact information required for a personal injury case varies from situation to situation. Common, straightforward situations, such as most car accidents, have a lot of precedent. Car accidents have been very well-studied and occur on a frequent basis. In other cases, like those involving faulty products that lead to injuries, it can be more difficult to gather information.

In personal injury cases, of course, your medical records are very important. When you meet with your lawyer for the first time, you may be expected to sign a release for your medical history. With that information available, it is easier to establish a link between your injuries and someone else’s actions. You may also be asked to present insurance information and whether you have talked to insurance adjustors or provided a statement.

Your lawyer may ask you to refrain from talking to anyone else about the lawsuit and may present you with a contract allowing them to represent you. Talking too much about your case with outside parties can give away information that could greatly reduce your chances of success.

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